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Pro-gard HD Push Bumpers

Studies have shown that prompt removal of disabled vehicles from traffic patterns can greatly reduce the chances of additional accidents occurring. The addition of a Pro-gard Push Bumper allows for safe and easy removal of just such stranded vehicles. Our Push Bumpers are designed with wear and tear in mind. The rugged steel design allows officers to softly push stranded vehicles to safety without fear of compromising the bumper structure or vehicle fascia.

Highly visible, front scene lighting is high on the mind of officers when they are working an accident scene or traffic stop. Our Push Bumpers offer the perfect platform for agencies to  secure this much desired, driver eye-level lighting to their vehicles quickly and easily. Fleets can opt for one of our Integrated LED Push Bumpers or utilize their own preferred lighting using our pre-drilled slots and holes which accommodate the most popular mounting patterns in the industry.



  • New design better matches the profile of each vehicle for better coverage and visibility
  • Optional Wire Cover panels are available to enclose wiring for additional lights and sirens
  • Available in non-lighted or with integrated LEDs
  • Integrated LEDs are available in three lighting patterns: all red/white, all blue/ white, or ½ red/white-½ blue/white
  • Superior, patented design requires “No Holed Drilled” installation that utilizes existing OEM holes and slots to mount the bumper for a quick and easy installation
  • Improved rugged steel construction ensures a longer, more durable life for the bumper
  • Solid weld frame construction cuts down on installation time
  • Pre-cut holes and slots in the bumper allow for mounting popular auxiliary lighting and speakers
  • Black powder coated finish prevents corrosion from salt spray and other environmental conditions
  • Wide surface, mar resistant rubber padding provides an added layer of protection between the bumper and the vehicle being pushed
  • Rubber padding is replaceable for aesthetic purposes

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Showcase: Viper™ Shield Enhanced Prisoner Transport Partitions


For nearly half a century, fleets have trusted Pro-gard’s Prisoner Transport Partitions to protect their officers inside the vehicle. Now, with the VIPER™ Shield Rapid Deployment System, our partitions take that protection outside of the vehicle with the officer.

The patented design of the VIPER Shield System releases a conveniently stowed NIJ IIIA Ballistic Shield in seconds from the prisoner compartment, driver side of the partition. This lightweight shield is capable of providing protection for your officers against the uncertainties they face daily, situations like warranty service, felony stops, domestic disputes, or even simple traffic stops can quickly escalate.

This partition offers the same full travel and substantial recline of the driver’s seat as all of our other Prisoner Transport Partitions do and mounts to the B-pillars in the same fashion as well.  This partition comes complete with Bucket Seat Protectors and Recessed Panel and is available in all nine different window configurations.


1.Portable Ballistic Protection

  • One-handed carry
  • Additional protection for otherwise exposed vital areas of officer’s body
  • Rated NIJ IIIA
  • Transparent, ballistic view port for sheltered visibility
  • Flexible, Velcro® handle and arm band to steady shield
  • Shield dimensions: 16″ wide x 25″ height
  • Lightweight design weighs only 8.5 lbs
  •  T-handle is mounted on B-Pillar behind driver for rapid deployment

2. Rotary Latch for quick release, meets FMVSS206

3. Recessed Panel, Bucket Seat Protectors, and Ballistic Shield included

4. For vehicles with active side curtain airbags, choose our patented Airbag Compatible Wings

5. For rigid wings use our AOI Side Curtain Airbag On/off Control Switch to safely prevent side curtain airbag deployment while partition is installed

6. Heavy Duty Construction easily withstands aggressive prisoner assaults

  • 1”-5/8” Full Roll Bar Construction
  • High Density Foam Padding
  • Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Filler Panels
  • 14 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Durable, Powder Coated Finish
  • Anodized Aluminum Window Frame

7. Nine Window Configurations available to meet agency preferences

8. Patented Design

Optional Vertical, Horizontal, or Compact Mount Weapon Racks available to safely and securely store weapons

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