Leslie & Associates Introduces Whelen Command

Leslie & Associates is pleased to announce the new Command software application from Whelen. Providing a simple and intuitive solution to fleet installation, the innovative application enables seamless installation across a fleet while allowing a variety of uses from the amplifier to flasher product lines.

Designed to simplify control system programming, Whelen Command delivers the ability to program all Whelen control systems within this one application. With Situation Based Integration, scene-specific functions can be created using various vehicle components. With Events, multiple user-designed rules can be set for specific scenarios and depending on the state of your vehicle. By utilizing automation, these added features increase both officer and public safety.

Engineered to streamline the entire programming process, Whelen Command works faster and smarter than ever before. With backward compatibility, Whelen Command will fully support all future Whelen control systems.

Product Features:

  • Single software application to program all Whelen control systems
  • Expanded Situation Based Integration allows for scene specific functions using various vehicle components, such as horn or brakes
  • Expanded programming capabilities, including industry-leading tools such as Events, are now available across all systems
  • Advanced user interface simplifies programming
    • Easily create and manage Events
    • Create custom names for hardware, inputs, outputs, and Events
  • A single user interface simplifies training
  • Improved customer support and troubleshooting
    • Streamlined updates, releases, and bug fixes
    • Backward compatible and will fully support all future Whelen control systems

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