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Whelen is the only US manufacturer of emergency warning equipment to still manufacture its products entirely in the United States. The use of robotics and a motivated workforce allow them to compete with off-shore products. Quality is the linch pin of success for Whelen Engineering Inc.

The acknowledged leader in the industry, Whelen strives to fill the need for innovative safety warning systems with a large engineering staff backed by a state-of-the-art environmental testing laboratory. The pride and commitment of its work force, who’s average employment longevity is 22 years, is rewarded by sharing the Company’s benefits as share holders in the tradition established by the founding Whelen’s fifty-six years ago.

While in recent years many local companies downsized, relocated or outsourced, Whelen has, instead, maintained its edge in the market place by responding to the needs of the emergency warning industry; designing and developing a wide range of innovative products. And, the company stands behind those products with a world-class customer service network.



Building a solution to fit your needs and the specifications of your vehicle can be an intimidating task. Which equipment fits in the vehicle? What if your fleet has a variety of vehicle types? If a passenger is present in the vehicle, will the equipment you have still work? How do you keep occupants from potential harm in the event of an accident? What about airbag safety?

These are questions that arise in every mobile workspace, and Havis is defining that workspace by offering a complete line of products that help maximize worker productivity.

Havis manufactures mobile office solutions for members of public safety, utility and public works, military and government, transportation industries and other mobile professions.

Havis, Inc. maintains an excellent reputation in the industry for delivering the highest quality products and services. Havis designs, engineers and builds safe, reliable, ergonomically efficient products for mobile work.

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Since 1968, Pro-gard Products has provided some of the safest, most durable law enforcement products designed to perform on the open road. We take pride in the craftsmanship and quality that goes into making our products the safest and most reliable in the industry. As a company Pro-gard can provide everything you will need to protect yourself and your vehicle from the uncertainties that happen each and every day. See for yourself why more and more law enforcement agencies are turning to Pro-gard for protection.

An industry-leading manufacturer of storage drawers for the public safety sector, OPS Public Safety prides itself on ensuring that a first responder’s weapons and gear are safe, secure and easy to get to. Whether it’s a single drawer for a police SUV, a combo unit for radio equipment or a custom upfit for a response trailer, OPS Public Safety has the right products. Because they use high-grade, lightweight all-aluminum construction, their products guarantee a quiet ride, lower fuel costs and higher payload capacity.

OPS Public Safety was founded in 2006 to service the public safety sector such as police, fire, EMS and military. Initially founded in Kingston, Ontario, OPS Public Safety quickly grew into the US market and opened a second production facility in Schaumburg, Illinois in 2013. OPS Public Safety is committed to providing timely order to delivery, exceptional customer service and workmanship that makes their products a preferred and trusted choice globally.