Whelen- Pioneer LiFe

The Pioneer LiFe LF35 is the first of its kind, combining an all-new Pioneer SlimLine™ optic with the portability and flexibility of a grab and go light, designed to bring Whelen’s advanced Pioneer technology where other lights can’t go. The Intelligent Inductive Charger™ with no exposed contacts provides easy, wireless charging, and the built-in battery is lightweight and thermally protected. The LiFe LF35 is just 7.5 pounds, lighter than any other portable area light on the market today.


  • All new SlimLine optic is optimized for portable applications in order to control and focus light to work areas
  • Includes two optic lenses: Floodlight lens and 8° TIR spotlight lens
  • Hard-coated lenses minimize environmental damages
  • 100% solid-state electronics
  • Colour temperatures reach 6,000° kelvin, simulating bright midday light
  • 3,500 usable lumens
  • Impact-resistant glass-reinforced nylon housing is available in Safety Yellow
  • The adjustable ratcheting mechanism allows for a 180° range of uninterrupted light
  • The push-button power switch and top handle are easy to use with gloved hands
  • Well balanced top handle is designed to be over the center of mass
  • Attach a sling or carabiner to the light for easy transportation
  • IP67 rated for dust and water resistance
  • Virtually no RFI/EMI radiation and the portable area light will not interfere with portable communication devices